MultiCooker - High Cooking Temperature

Choosing a reliable, efficient and quality Cooker and Cooker Hood are very important. SENZ’s Electric Cooker, Electric Stove and Cooker Hood are unique, efficient, and with advancements in technology. SENZ offers two essentials in the kitchen that promotes efficiency and healthy living. The Electric Cooker in our lines can be used on all kinds of Cookware like glass, clay pot, stainless steel and etc. The range of Electric Cooker that we offer can reach a cooking temperature higher than the average Electric Cooker or Induction Cooker model in the market. It is designed to be energy saving and have easy operation and offer a very precise cooking temperature.

Energy Saving and Safe

SENZ’s Induction Cooker and Vitro-Ceramic Cooker are equipped with a build in inverter sensor, when cooker reaches the stipulated temperature, electricity supply will be discontinued in order to save previous energy. Therefore the electrical consumption of our Electric Cooker is as low as RM0.20 per hour. There is a dual lock function (PreLock and AfterLock) to prevent curious kids from exploring the Cooker.

Easy to Use

Using an Electric Cooker or Electric Stove is relatively easy and safe. It also keeps your Kitchen clean. This is because the amount of oil and smoke being generated during cooking can be reduced by 30% if uses Electric Cooker of Electric Stove.

Healthy Cooking

On the other hand, SENZ Teppanyaki Cooker and Electric BBQ Grill Cooker are designed for food to be cook directly on top of the Germany ceramic glass surface without using any Kitchen Cookware at all. By promoting healthy cooking, the glass SENZ Teppanyaki Cooker and Electric BBQ Grill Cooker keeps the Cooker eco-friendly as no chemical coating is being used on the cooking surface. Traditional Electric BBQ Grill Cooker uses an aluminum non-stick coating surface, therefore sharp objects cannot be used on it as coating might peel off. The ceramic glass from Germay used by SENZ Teppanyaki Cooker and Electric BBQ Grill Cooker is also scratch resistant. Therefore one can enjoy BBQ, grill or even fried food on top of the Cooker!

In a bigger picture, the range of SENZ Electric Cooker, Electric Stove and Cooker Hood shows concern and care towards the environment. Not only does it make cooking easier and safe, it also helps save time. By incorporating these technologies into you everyday life, you are heading towards a healthy and carefree lifestyle!