SENZ Gas Cooker FAQ (English)

Q: Why is there red flame when I ignite the gas cooker?
A: This could be due to various factors, however there are 2 common factors:

    a. Red flame might occur when it is running out of gas.
    b. The burner was stuck with dirt, you will need to clean the burner regularly.

Please refer to this video on the Q & A of our gas cooker:

Q: Why it is difficult to ignite fire?
A: : First, you’ll need to check whether the gas burner has been properly installed. Please refer to these video on how to install burner:

    a. GS388:
b. GS128i:

Second, is the battery level sufficient?
Lastly, if the burner has been stuck with dirt, it will be difficult to ignite.  Please refer to this video on how to clean the burner:

    a. GS128i:
    b. GS388:

Q: Unlike others brand, why SENZ gas cooker cannot ignite immediately when pressing the turn knob?
A: You will need to press and hold the turn knob for a few seconds before fire can be ignite as all our gas cooker comes with safety valve function (please refer to question 4). Starting from April 2019, all gas cookers selling in Malaysia must have safety valve function in order to comply with SIRIM standard. By press and hold on the turn knob, it allows fire to pass through the safety valve pin, fire will only be light up when it detect there is a successfully ignition.

Please refer to this video on how to ignite fire:

    a. GS388:
b. GS128i:

For gas cookers that can ignite immediately normally do not comes with safety valve function.

Q: Is SENZ gas cooker safe to use?
A: All our gas cooker comes with a safety valve function, gas supply will be cut off within 10 seconds should it detect gas leakage, such as when fire is accidentally put off due to water spilling or due to strong wind.

Q: Does SENZ gas cooker have national safety certification – SIRIM?          
A: Yes, all our SENZ gas cooker comes with national safety certification –SIRIM.

Q: Do I need a battery for SENZ gas cooker?
A : Yes, SENZ gas cooker uses a size D battery.

Q: Can all type of cookware be use in a gas cooker?
A: Yes, gas cooker can be used on all type of cookware.

Q:What is the selling point for SZ-GS128i SABAF gas cooker?
A: GS128i gas cooker uses Made-in-Italy SABAF burner, so the fire is very uniform and stable. For more product info:

Q: What is the selling point for SZ-GS388 Tri-Ringz Gas cooker?
A:SZ-GS388 Tri-Ringz gas cooker is the only gas cooker in Malaysia that comes 3 fire zones in a single burner. The cooking power is up to 6.4 kW and comes with 4 fire modes:

    a. Low, centralized heat
    b. Medium heat
    c. High heat
    d. Low, evenly distributed heat (equal low) 

For more product info: