Things to take note before installing our CH1288RC Invisible Hood

Q: What is the difference between open a hole and don’t open a hole in my kitchen?
A: If you can open a hole in your kitchen we will suggest you to open a hole to extract the grease out.

Q: What if my place is not allowed to open a hole in the kitchen?
A: 1) If you are not allowed to open a hole in your kitchen then you need to use our recirculation system to operate the Cooker Hood. Recirculation system consist of Aluminium Filter and Charcoal Filter.

Q: How’s the air going to flow out if we don’t open a hole in our kitchen?
A:  If you are using recirculation system, please ensure that you have enough ventilation in your cabinet to allow clean air to flow. For example, some open ventilation holes on your cabinet door. This can also prevent your cabinet door from vibrating while operating the hood.

Q: What if my kitchen cabinet is made of glass?
A: You can also open a hole at the top of your kitchen cabinet.

Q: What is the recommended installation height for Invisible Hood?                          
A: The installation height should be according to your kitchen cabinet height; the recommend installation height is around 600mm

Q: Can I use electrtic drill to tighten the Cooker Hood?
A : To avoid the clip from breaking easily, please do not tighten it with electric drill; use only screw driver to tighten it.