What You Need to Know About SENZ Product Warranty

Recently, SENZ have received news that there are unauthorised dealers selling SENZ products online or in their retail shops, and claiming to offer 10 years’ warranty on spare parts and on glass materials. 

Here, SENZ wish to confirm that SENZ have never made such claims.

What is product warranty?

Product warranty is basically a guarantee that a product manufacturer gives to the customer regarding the quality of their product.

Who provides product warranty?

SENZ wish to clarify that only products that are purchased directly from SENZ retail shop, SENZ official website and official online store, as well as from SENZ Authorised Dealers are provided with SENZ product warranty and after-sales service. 

How long is SENZ product warranty period?

To prevent confusion on the authenticity of SENZ product warranties, we wish to clarify the product warranty periods of all SENZ products, are as below:

  1. Electric cooker products – 1 year warranty on spare parts
  2. Cooker hood products – 1 year warranty on spare parts + 3 years’ warranty on motor
  3. Built-in oven products – 1 year warranty on spare parts
  4. Gas cooker products – 1 year warranty on spare parts

Again, we wish to clarify that SENZ have never made any claims that our products come with 10 years’ warranty on spare parts and glass materials. We also wish to remind our customers to check out the registered and recognised SENZ Authorised Dealers from our website before making any purchases of SENZ products to safeguard your best interest: 

Customer satisfaction is SENZ’s top priority

At SENZ, we put great emphasis and priority to act in our customers’ best interests. SENZ honour all the loyal support we received from our valued customers since our conception more than a decade ago. 

We would like to assure all our valued customers that SENZ will forever abide by our guiding mission, which is to constantly research, innovate and implement new technology, function and style on our products to positively improve our customers’ culinary experience.

We hope that the above information clears any doubt you may have on SENZ product warranties. If you have any further enquiries or wish to know more about SENZ or our products, do visit senz.com.my or contact us today!

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