SENZ Electric Cooker FAQ (English)

Q: Where is SENZ electric cooker made in?
A: Except for model SZ-RI3200i and RC3300i, all our electric cooker uses Germany Ceramic Glass and Germany E.G.O Heating Element and it is being assembled in our factory that is located in China.

Q: What is the difference between induction and ceramic cooker?
A: Only cookware with metal based such as stainless steel, metal cookware can be used in induction cooker. If a magnet can be attached on the cookware bottom, this means the cookware can be used in induction cooker. Ceramic cookware can be used on all kinds of difference cookware such as glassware, claypot, ceramic, stainless steel and etc, just likes a gas cooker.

Please refer to this video on what is the difference between induction and ceramic cooker:

Q: Which cooker is better? Induction or ceramic cooker?
A: We will suggest you to go for ceramic cooker should you cook frequently. Not only ceramic cooker can be used in all kinds of difference cookware, the highest cooking heat it can goes is up to 574°C, higher that a traditional gas stove. Besides that, it can used to grill, BBQ and also to replace your slow cooker as you can set the timer up to 24 hours; cooker will be off automatically when reaches the time set. Please refer to this video on the function of ceramic cooker:

Q: Does SENZ electric cooker consume lots of energy?
A: Our electric cooker is equipped with invertor sensor, the hourly usage of electricity is as low as RM 0.20 per hour*. Please refer to this video on how to calculate the electrical consumption:

Q: What is the highest cooking heat for SENZ electric cooker? Is the cooking heat powerful enough?
A:  The highest cooking heat for SENZ ceramic cooker is up to 574°C; the cooking heat for a traditional gas cooker is around 400°C to 450°C.

Q: What is the difference between SENZ and others electric cooker?
A:  The highest power level we can go up to 12 levels , highest cooking heat can goes up to 574°C, unlike others electric cooker, the highest power it can goes is only 9 levels.

Q: How to clean electric cooker surface?
A: Please refer to this video on how to clean the cooker surface:

Q:  Is round bottom wok able to be used in SENZ electric cooker?
A: A wok rack is needed if you wish to use round bottom wok in our electric cooker. It is recommended for you to use a flat base wok. You can purchase the wok rack from here:     

Q: Between Induction cooker and ceramic cooker, which one has a higher cooking heat?
A: The highest cooking heat for ceramic cooker is up to 574°C, the highest cooking heat for induction cooker is only 240°C.

Q: Between induction cooker and ceramic Cooker, which one will generate heat faster?
A: Induction cooker will generate heat faster as it uses electromagnetic technology to heat up, it will only generate heat when in contact with metal object.

Q: Which glass surface will become hot?
A:  It is ceramic cooker. Red light can be seen when you turn on the ceramic cooker, just like a gas cooker. As for induction cooker, no red light can be seen when you turn on and heat will only be generated when a metal pot has been placed on top. However take note that the glass surface for induction cooker will also become hot when it has been cooking for more than 30 mins.

Q: What are the safety features of SENZ electric cooker?
A: 1) You will need to press and hold for 5 seconds in order to turn on the cooker and also it comes with a child lock function. 2) Our electric cooker will turn off automatically should it do not detect any operation in 60 mins; heating elements will also be off automatically should it detect unusual high heat.

Q: Which SENZ models is induction cooker and which on is ceramic cooker?
A:  Beside SZ-RI3200i is a 2 in 1 Smart Cooker, induction + ceramic cooker, all SENZ models are ceramic cooker. For more products info you can go to:

Q: What socket does SENZ electric cooker uses?
A: All double ceramic cooker uses 15amp socket, except for model SZ-RI3200i and SZ-RC110 that uses a 13amp socket.

Q: What is the warranty period for SENZ products?    
A: We provide 1 year product warranty for all our products and we provide on-site service within the whole of West Malaysia.           

Q: There is a “E1” or “E0” error code on my induction cooker, what does that means?
A: This usually mean: 1) you did not place any cookware on top of the induction cooker after you turn on the coooker 2) you have used an unsuitable cookware. You can refer to this video to find out what cookware can be used on induction cooker:
1) SZ-RI3200i
2) SZ-RI230i:

Q: I would like to change to SENZ electric cooker. However I already have an existing build-in hole, what can I do?
A: We have a build-in frame and free standing frame, whether your build in hole is too big or too small, you can use our frame to solve the problem. You can refer to this video for the usage of the frame: