Most Frequently Asked Questions: (English)

Q: Where does SENZ products made in?
A: We are a Malaysia brand and we designed all our products and it is being manufactured in our factory that is located in China.           

Q: What is the warranty period for SENZ products?
A: We provide 1 year product warranty for all our products and we provide on-site service within West Malaysia. For cooker hood products, we provide 1 year warranty on spare parts and 3 years warranty on motor.                 

Q: Is the price listed including installation?
A: The price listed does not include installation, basic installation charges range from RM 100.00 to RM 300.00; you can refer to our SENZ Installation T & C 2020 – ENG.

Q: Does SENZ gas cooker comes with SIRIM labels?
A: Yes, all our gas cooker comes with SIRIM labels.

Q: What socket does SENZ electric cooker uses?
A: All our double ceramic cooker uses 15amp socket, except for model 1) SZ-RI3200i 2) SZ-RC110 3) SZ-SRC9008 3) SZ-SDI9010 that uses 13amp socket.

Q: What socket does SENZ cooker hood uses?
A: We uses 13amp socket for all our cooker hood products.

Q: What socket does SENZ build-in oven uses?
A: Our build-in oven does not comes with any power plug, it need to have a direct build-in wiring.

Q: Why is the price listed in online shopping platform cheaper than SENZ website?
A: Kindly be informed we do not provide any after sales service or products warranty for products that purchase from online shopping platform. Only products purchase from our website, online official store and authorized dealers will have products warranty from us.

Q: How to clean the cooker hood?
A: You can refer to our website or our YouTube channel for the cleaning method. However, the motor fan for selective model cannot be dismantled, you can hire a cleaning expert to clean the hood thoroughly, it is recommended to do it after using it for 2 to 3 years time.      

Q: What is the recommended installation height for angled design cooker hood?
A: For installation with electric stove, it is 300mm to 450mm; for gas stove, it is 400mm to 500mm.

Q: Do you have 0% installment plan?
A: Yes, we have 0% credit card installment plan; installment can be up 12 months.