SENZ Cooker Hood FAQ (English)

Q: What is the difference between SENZ cooker hood and other brands?
A: We focus mainly on angled tempered glass designer cooker hood, not only it comes with very elegant style, it is also very easy to clean with a glass surface as compare with traditional stainless steel surface. We are also currently the only company in Malaysia that carries 3 difference type of auto-cleaning cooker hood.

Q: How to choose a cooker hood that that is suitable for you?
A: 1) First you will need to make sure whether you are allow to open a hole in your kitchen wall to extract the grease out of the house. Normally it will not be an issue for a landed property. However, for a condo unit, normally it is forbidden to do so.

Q: What does a recycle / recirculation means? Why some cooker hood needs to install hose / pipe?
A:  A recycle / recirculation cooker hood is suitable to houses that are unable to open a hole in the kitchen wall; grease will be filtered by metal or aluminium filter and odour will be filtered by charcoal filter before clean air is being release back to the house. These are the models with recycle mode: 1) SZ-CH1288RC Invisible Hood: 2) SZ-CH6366RC Angled Designer Hood:

Hood that needs to install hose / pipe is normally suitable for landed property or houses that allow you to open a hole in the kitchen wall to extract the grease and smoke out; this type of hood usually comes with a higher suction power.

Q: What is the difference between an angled design cooker hood and chimney design cooker hood?
A: Angled design cooker hood does not has head collision problem and it can be install much closer to the cooker and thus suction power can be greatly increased.

Angled design VS Chimney design

Q: What is the recommended installation height for angled design cooker hood?                          
A: When installing electric cooker, the height is 300mm to 450mm, for gas cooker it is around 400mm to 500mm.

Q: What is the installation height require for Chimney / T shape cooker hood?
A : The height need to be install at least 650mm.

Q: What is the correct way to install hose / pipe?
A:  Pic 1 shows an incorrect installation of hose / pipe. Hose / pipe cannot have uneven bend, else grease and smoke will not be able to extract out. Pic 2 and 3 show a correct installation where hose is being elongate without any bending in between.    

Q: If the stipulated hose/ pipe size is 7 inches, can it be modify to 4 inches?
A: No, as our cooker hood is with strong suction power, it require larger opening to ensure smooth air flow to extract the grease and smoke out. Any modification will affect the suction power of the cooker hood.

Q: Why do SENZ need a 7 inches opening where others brand other only require 6 inches?
A: Because the greater the suction power, the larger the opening is required to ensure smooth air flow, else it will affect the suction power of the cooker hood.        

Q: What socket does SENZ cooker hood uses?
A: We uses 13amp socket for all our cooker hood products.

Q: SENZ cooker hood uses AC or DC motor?
A: We use AC motor as the suction power is higher than DC motor.